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Gaming Software

Software Overview
Advantech-Innocore supplies a wide range of software packages including security suites, firmware / BIOS, Board Support Package and Utility/ Development support to accelerate the customer's development cycle. As well as board support packages with highly robust drivers and edge-to-edge coverage for the hardware platforms, we offer a variety of other software products including peripheral protocol libraries, security suites and diagnostic and test software.
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  Board Support Package
DirectPCI is Advantech-Innocore's expansion architecture for gaming and custom hardware expansion. This versatile and cost effective architecture allows a host of gaming specific features to be included either on-board or via separate I/O boards. Edge-to-edge software support is provided in the DirectPCI SDK & Run-time package, a set of developer resources and device drivers to enable easy application development using the DirectPCI hardware on the DPX Series mainboards. Please refer to the other software datasheets and manuals for a full description of the associated hardware and software.
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SecureBootTM and TPM Suite are two significant security packages offer customizable protection for your software and hardware investment. SecureBootTM is aimed at markets where boot-time verification must be provided over what software runs. TPM Suite is aimed at securing the game environment against copying and tampering, as well as providing platform authentication and access control solutions. Both SecureBootTM and TPM include BIOS-level updates that ensure continued effectiveness.
Advantech-Innocore provides gaming-specific firmware and software customization services including BIOS and TPM suit that deliver superior performance, compatibility and functionality and also provide information encryption, which is expected by manufacturers of gaming platforms.
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Advantech-Innocore offers a range of software packages to meet a variety of communication needs when adding peripherals such as DirectPCI SDK Run-time, OneWire/iButton? and DPX? Connector SDK to a gaming system. DirectPCI SDK Run-time provides API libraries, demo code and utilities for handling peripherals that need or provide on/off control; DirectPCI also services all the onboard gaming facilities. The OneWire/iButton? API allows access to all Dallas/Maxim iButton? and OneWire protocol SMDs. DPX? Connector SDK provides access to money handling peripherals and ticket-printers; protocols include ccTalk, ID003, EBDS, PSA66, and EPIC950. DPX? SAS Engine provides a framework for game software to communicate with a SAS Host system as part of casino management. DPX? Diagnostics provides a set of test software to establish confidence in the hardware platform and/or build into the game's self-diagnostic functions. Test source code and user interface are also included.
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