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Gaming Platforms

Standalone (S Series)
The Standalone (S Series) products provide highly integrated industrial single board computers that offer unrivaled performance range, scalability, long lifecycle and low power. The full feature set of I/O, COMs, and security features that's included with each Standalone (S Series) product has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of the gaming industry. The DPX?-E Series products are complete industrial computer systems offering performance at a very cost-effective price point. A full feature set of I/Os and COMs designed specifically for gaming devices are also included.
  Economy (E Series)
The E-Series products are ideal integrated platforms for many gaming, amusement, and kiosk applications. The gaming functions share the same API as the other DPX?- series boards, making it easy to port application code and leverage the different price and performance points across Advantech-Innocore's full range of products. The E Series products are also ideal solutions for customers who are cost sensitive.
ConnectBus (C Series)
The DPX?-C Series products are high performance gaming platforms with a backplane architecture and are upgradeable with PCI-Express MXM discrete graphics modules. All cable harnessing is attached to the backplane and the motherboard plugs into the backplane with one simple operation. The C Series motherboards and systems represent the ultimate in easy installation and field service for applications where minimizing down-time is critical. The gaming functions share the same API as the other DPX?- series boards, making it easy to port application code. The C series products are upgradeable with PCI-Express MXM discrete graphics modules, a range of CPUs, and many storage and I/O options.
  Advantech GMB Motherboard (AGMB)
GMB series gaming motherboards are ideal for all of your basic gaming platform requirements, offering the best in cost, performance and longevity. GMB series gaming motherboards (MBs) mated with Advantech standard chassis; PSUs make complete, well-balanced system solutions. GMB series gaming motherboards (MBs) are high performance/cost motherboards for Casino, Arcade, Pachislot, and Multi-display applications.
Advantech GMB System (AGMB)
GMB series products focus on multi-display applications, and provide a variety of display and I/O options. Dual graphics / 2 x PCIe x16 slots support superior graphics throughput and provide additional display solutions. Flexible display configurations for 4, 8, or 12 independent displays support multi-display applications such as gaming, advertisement, display walls, kiosks, and retail markets. Multiple I/O choices (COM Port, USB Port, etc.) offer additional options.
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